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4 Period Myths That Have to Stop-Period.

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

How did you feel when you saw your first drops of blood as a young woman? If you were like me, taking cues from health class, religion, glossy magazines and family members it was hard to come out of young adulthood with a good opinion about my body and the female reproductive system.

Now on the other side of my menstruation years I see what this unhealthy view and these limiting beliefs have done to my body and mental health. As my own children near this time in life I want to make sure they do not experience these thoughts and doubts about their amazing bodies. One step in this direction was the declaration of the menstrual cycle to be the fifth vital sign of health for teenage girls by the American Committee of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG)! With women having over 500 menstrual cycles in their lifetime it is important to make sure each and every one of these is healthy and positive. Below are 4 of the biggest myths to break and release!


Painful cycles with cramps are normal

and cannot be changed

For most women painful cycles are a normal occurrence. Whether during ovulation, premenstrual symptoms of breast tenderness or full on bring you to the floor cramps during menstruation most women suffer from one or more of these types of pain. As with any other kind of pain, this is your body telling you something is not right! Getting to the root of what is happening in your body during the time of the pain is key to being able to get your body the support it needs to be pain free.

If you're wanting to better understand the possibility when it comes to having pain free periods please book a complimentary Healthy Hormone Strategy Session with me!

PMS is a normal part of menstruation



Mood swings.

You know what I am talking about..... All the painful signs of what is to come each month. This myth that PMS is normal is harmful. This myth leads to the dismissing of our feelings, opinions and judgements.

PMS is triggered by diet choices, nutritional deficiencies and by the wider suppression of feminine energy. When your estrogen and progesterone levels are balanced during this phase (luteal) this can be a time of insight, clarity and directives. A time when you can get it all done and look good doing it!

Periods are a private matter

With just over half the population having a period and this being the 21st century, why does it seem like menstruation is never talked about? Why are women still having to hide tampons up their sleeve? Why are sanitary items not supplied everywhere? Why are they even called sanitary products, how is menstruation something that needs to be “sanitized". In fact, that stigma and the secrecy that it spawns have given rise to a painful reality known as period poverty.

The truth is that periods are something that should be celebrated! They represent the blossoming of young women into adults, they are what allow women to create life and grow a human inside their bodies, and most importantly THEY ARE A NORMAL AND HEALTHY BODILY FUNCTION!

It's time to break the silence when it comes to periods. To talk about them with your doctor, your friends, your partner, and your kids. By normalizing them, the privacy stigma will evaporate and most importantly women just suffering through them can FINALLY be helped because they will better understand what is normal and when it's time to seek help to alleviate period suffering.

If you're curious about your options and if something your experiencing hormonally around your cycle is "normal" or not please reach out to me for a Healthy Hormone Strategy Session! It's free and just 30 minutes.

The only way to fix bad periods is with

hormonal birth control

Most women know that at the first sign of hormonal imbalance or any of the symptoms mentioned above, hormonal birth control is the first thing a doctor will recommend. While these pills do mask the symptoms they do not address the cause and end up causing long term issues if taken for long periods of time. Once you are off the medication the original symptoms and sometimes more can even come back.

Taking a look at your diet, addressing nutritional deficiencies and exercise can go a long way to bringing your cycle back into alignment. Best of all these supports do not have short or long term side effects, don’t require a prescription and are best life long practices that keep you youthful and healthy!

To break these long held myths women need to be comfortable with their bodies and sharing their stories. Share this information with the women you love. Ask them what they believe and what they would like to see. Once you have the right information about how your body should work you can start making health choices that are in your best interest!

Want to learn more about breaking these myths and how to address your period issues? Join me at my next free class “Breaking Perpetual Period Myths to Be Pain Free” on June 1st. In this class we will discuss some of the most common period myths, three actions that you can take to have better periods now and more!

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