Sacred Ibis Botanicals

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of Sacred Ibis Products?

Our products are made without chemically created preservatives. They are packaged in amber containers to prevent light degradation. Please use clean fingers to remove product from jars, or separate out what you would use in one month and put the rest in the refrigerator. Product stored in the refrigerator may have a different appearance once removed, but the products healing properties will remain the same. Balms and sprays are best used before one year and lotions 6 months. Don't be alarmed to see mold, this is caused by air exposure. If you see mold on the surface wipe away or remove top layer and continue to use the product. 

Can Sacred Ibis Products be used on children?

Yes, most of my recipes were created or adapted to be used by or on my children! Take care to make sure they won't get product into their eyes.