Sacred Ibis Botanicals

My Personal Story

Hello my name is Phyllis Jaworski. I am a mother, a scientist, and a master gardener.

My passion is creating health and body care products that are not only effective but gentle on our bodies and the environment.

While pregnant, I had a difficult time finding personal care products that I felt comfortable using. The ingredient lists were baffling, even products labeled as “natural”.

I began by making my own laundry detergent and cleaners and then expanded to creating custom body lotions. At first, my goal was to ease the itching of my expanding belly while pregnant. Then, once my sons were born and developed eczema on their tender skin, I created salves to helped ease their discomfort. Before I knew it I had requests from family and friends to create lotions for their needs.

As a scientist with 12 years experience in chemistry and biology I find it fascinating to experiment with and develop these recipes. 

I enjoy what I do! 

Sacred Ibis Botanicals Beginnings

With the encouragement and support of family and friends I founded Sacred Ibis Botanicals in 2015. Many years ago, while studying in Kenya, Africa, I fell in love with the beautiful Sacred Ibis bird for its powerful presence and grace. Upon returning from Africa I learned of the Ibis’ significance to Egyptians who honor it as reminder of the gift of knowledge and the healing power of plants. The water beneath the Sacred Ibis represents the purity in nature, and the moon  is a reminder of the constant ebb and flow of life.